Gateway Laptop starts with black screen blinking cursor

Technical Issue: Gateway laptop windows 10 starts with blank screen and blinking cursor after update. Selecting F2, F8, F12 on startup doesn't work and creates a beeping noise. Cannot get to system repair or safe mode.

 Technical Fix:
There is a way to recover your hard drive by using another pc/laptop and an External hard drive enclosure kit.

 Turn off laptop, unplug cord, take battery out. Take hard drive out of laptop. Insert hard drive into external hard drive enclosure and connect to 2nd pic or laptop using the supplied cable. Open up my computer and right click on external hard drive and select tools.
Black Screen blinking cursor

 Here you can backup from previous versions before the update disabled the hard drive or you can run diagnostic tools and recover your files.  Buy USB hard drive enclosure

iPhone Storage Tricks / Free up & Recover iPhone Storage

Technical Issue: you go to take a picture, download a song or app and you are greeted with the popup like this.
cannot take photo error message

1. Find out which apps are utilizing most of your iPhones storage. 
 By going into settings, you can see which apps are using the most storage and thereby deleting the apps you don't need or use.

Click on settings > General > Storage & iCloud  Usage > Manage Storage. Here you will see all yours apps and how much space they are taking up. You can delete any unused apps by clicking on the app and click the red delete app button. 

Music is a huge storage hogger. Go through your music library and delete any songs that you don't listen to on a regular basis. The best way to listen to music is having a playlist on Spotify or You tube if you have unlimited data. 
Delete songs by choosing the song you want to delete and swipe it from right to left.

  Photos are also a huge storage hogger. The best way to save your photos is to use iCloud storage. Two reasons this is better is one, if your phone gets lost or stolen you will have your sentimental photo memories saved in iCloud. Two: you will have more free space on iPhone to take those special memory photo in an instant. Click on Settings > Photos / Camera > turn on iCloud Photo Library

4. Text messages:
Yes, here is another memory hogger if you never delete any of your text messages. You can free up a lot of space by deleted all your text messages or delete texts that you don't need and keep only the texts you want from a certain person. 

1. To delete individual people's text- Go to your text app and click on the person that you don't need the text from and click on delete. 

2.Delete only parts of conversation in texts
 Double tap the text bubble of the text you want deleted and click on more. This will put a check mark next to the chosen text , simply click on the trash can icon and it will only delete that certain text. This only deletes it from your phone not from the receivers phone.

3. Automatically delete text after 1 week. 
 Set you phone so it will automatically delete text after 30 days or 1 year in settings. Go to Settings > Messages > Message History > click on the option of keep for 30 days. 

5. Clear Browser History. 
 You would be amazed how much memory your Safari or Chrome browser takes up. To clear your browser click on Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.