Promotion Techniques For Pinterest

  Pinterest is a visually based social media site that focuses on users interacting based on common interests and visual appeal, rather than social circles. This is where your social media methods must change from your techniques used on Facebook and Twitter. Leave the networking for those sites. Here, you must appeal to what people want- and ideally- what those outside of your social circles want to see.
#1 Showing off your business the Pinteresting way
Pinterest isn't just about working off of a single pin board. There are various topics for you to cover, so make sure that you spread your business across every topic you can. You can even use Pinterest to tell stories of your business, such as the history influences that brought about its present structure. Don't just post items for sale, or pictures of your products and services, because you won't appeal to the "browsing" nature that is present on this media. It's all about the looks here. If you're a local business, create boards with pictures of your city, surrounding areas, and even photography that is unique to your area. Be sure to set the localization of your business to improve local SEO rankings and coverage for your account.
#2 Linking to your sites
Pinterest focuses primarily on pictures and videos, your links must be relayed through images. You can utilize this primarily through your blogs and website, further improving the value that images and videos have on a site's effectiveness. Because of the connective abilities that Pinterest offers, you can link to various sites throughout your network. But remember that your links will draw traffic to a certain site, and this is where you'll have to do your best to impress them. Don't guide traffic to vacant parking
lots; draw them to areas where others have already gathered. Pinterest definitely gives you an edge when it comes to directing site traffic, if you do it the right way.
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iPhone Storage Tricks / Free up & Recover iPhone Storage

Technical Issue: you go to take a picture, download a song or app and you are greeted with the popup like this.

Technical Fix: There is away to free up memory. Follow these quick and easy steps to manage and recover your iPhone storage. 

1. Find out which apps are utilizing most of your iPhones storage. 
 By going into settings, you can see which apps are using the most storage and thereby deleting the apps you don't need or use.

Click on settings > General > Storage & iCloud  Usage > Manage Storage. Here you will see all yours apps and how much space they are taking up. You can delete any unused apps by clicking on the app and click the red delete app button. 

Music is a huge storage hogger. Go through your music library and delete any songs that you don't listen to on a regular basis. The best way to listen to music is having a playlist on Spotify or You tube if you have unlimited data. 
Delete songs by choosing the song you want to delete and swipe it from right to left.

  Photos are also a huge storage hogger. The best way to save your photos is to use iCloud storage. Two reasons this is better is one, if your phone gets lost or stolen you will have your sentimental photo memories saved in iCloud. Two: you will have more free space on iPhone to take those special memory photo in an instant. Click on Settings > Photos / Camera > turn on iCloud Photo Library

4. Text messages:
Yes, here is another memory hogger if you never delete any of your text messages. You can free up a lot of space by deleted all your text messages or delete texts that you don't need and keep only the texts you want from a certain person. 
1. To delete individual people's text- Go to your text app and click on the person that you don't need the text from and click on delete. 

2. Delete only parts of conversation in texts. 
 Double tap the text bubble of the text you want deleted and click on more. This will put a check mark next to the chosen text , simply click on the trash can icon and it will only delete that certain text. This only deletes it from your phone not from the receivers phone.

3. Automatically delete text after 1 week. 
 Set you phone so it will automatically delete text after 30 days or 1 year in settings. Go to Settings > Messages > Message History > click on the option of keep for 30 days. 

5. Clear Browser History. 
 You would be amazed how much memory your Safari or Chrome browser takes up. To clear your browser click on Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.