Manifesting Your Desires: Essential Steps of Intention Setting

Manifest the future you desire using these essential steps of intention setting to manifest your desires into reality.

Everything you see on this earth is the manifestation of an intention, whether good or bad. look around and notices houses, clothes, electronics, relationships... etc. and realize the birth of those things began from a seed of intention to manifesting it into reality.

Our future is shaped by our desires and intentions. As the ancient saying states - You are what your  desire is, as you desire-so is your intention, as your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is - so is your future. You can use the power of your intention to create anything you desire into your future.

What is it that your heart desires? Loving relationships, prosperity,abundance,new home,new job?
Search your heart and know exactly down to the detail what it is that you desire.
  Follow the essential intention setting steps to start living the life you desire.

    • BELIEVE - believe in the power of intention setting.
    • Believe in the power of setting intentions
    • KNOW - know and affirm exactly the details what it is you want to attract into your life. This is tricky because if we say what we don't want- the universe does not take the "don't want" into consideration. It brings the actual thing you are saying you didn't want. Know what it is you DO WANT.
    • FEEL - what would it feel like to have what you are desiring? Joy, peace, love, content. Imagine that feeling of already having what is is you desire. Stirring up that emotion is the driving force and energy to your intention. It is comparable as planting a seed,  You cannot expect a seed to germinate in non fertile dry soil as to planting it in fresh, moist fertile soil. Our feelings are the fertilizer to our intentions.
    • MEDITATE - our mind is so caught up in a noisy internal dialogue of thoughts, memories and emotions that we must go beyond our ego-mind into a state of stillness and silence where we can plant our deepest hearts desire of intention. Once we are in that stillness of void, this is where you want to release your specific intention in detail with the feeling of content with already having it and releasing (like a helium balloon) the attachment out of need or want.
    • LET IT GO - After setting your intention, release (like a helium balloon) the attachment of need, want or fear. Know that once you release it, the universe takes over and brings forth opportunities to come your way. Your job is over once you release it, now forget about it. This is important because if you keep thinking about it, stressing over the outcome then you will be hindering the force of the universe in bringing the intention to fruition. 
    Watch this video to see why you must let it go.

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